Behold The New Legendary Gun—AK-47 Demon/God09-20

Dear Strikers ,

We are here to announce you the new Global Strike Legendary Gun with 8 special feature and abilities listed below ✌️


1) [Two-Faced God ]

-This Weapon is born in extreme darkness and light level which gave him a 2 faced god skins for both Storm Union and Strike cops characters and include many exclusive killing icons and battle attending broadcast

-This weapon don't drop after death and have an epic heroic display in the room list


2) [Titanium Alloy Body ]

-With the cutting-edge Technology and casting technique , the weapon appearance and damage and firepower is improved

-The damage wont reduce by distance

-The damage wont be reduced with penetrations ( While shooting enemy's beside walls the damage will not decrease )

-The last 3 bullets of each magazine can cause pure damage to the target ignoring his armors

-Ammo +9


3) [Bayonet Strike ]

This weapon have the ability to make triple slash attack with the bayonet


4) [Rapid Reload ]

Rapid Reload can be triggered every 15 second after using it


5) [ Gun Master ]

With this Great weapon , you can receive a new enemy kill effect and amazing skills and strength when killing enemies


6) [Lighting Skill ]

When the sync rate reach 25% , they are 100% chance to trigger a huge thunder lighting ability

(special for adventure mode )


7) [ God Possession ]

An Exclusive powerful skill able to release a massive smash area damage to enemies surrounding the caster .

(special for adventure mode )


8) [ Squad Almighty ]

A second Exclusive great skill for adventure mode that allow you to call 2-4 fighters clone for your side with very high damage and armors

(special for adventure mode )


Note : you can switch between the last 2 skills with pressing V , you can release the Skills with pressing E

Note : This gun Have the best CP and the last 3 skills are exclusive for challenge and adventure mode only


How To obtain this Legendary ?

= To obtain this weapon you need :

-Gold guns soul and Heroic gun soul which can be obtained from golden and heroic guns in your Warehouse that can increase with evo and sync of those guns

-A Rare Metoritic Metal which can be obtained from Hot-event

Enjoy The best of The best heroic guns ✋✋ This Gun is Strongly Recommended for Defuse, Mutation , Adventure mode and others modes

And here's a review of the new AK-47 Demon/God .


Enjoy Watching :D