Sniper Rifle It’s Worth Owning09-20

Dear strikers ,

Today we want to introduce GS Sniper Rifle Usage Tips - How to Use Sniper Rifles in Global Strike


There are five sniper techniques in Global Strike:

1. Tracking✊

What is Tracking?

A lot of friends will confuse it with Drag Shot. Tracking is often applied when the target is fairly far away from you. This technique helps increase your sniping accuracy. In other words, it ensures a more stable shot. Unlike Drag Shot, when aiming at a moving target, the cross hair moves with the target and fires when the target moves to your scope. (Tracking and Drag Shot are also different in speed.) 


2. Flash Shot✊

What is Flash Shot?  

Generally, this technique is quite useful when you encounter enemies using machine guns. How do we use it? It requires you to make full use of obstacles. When you are not sure about how many enemies there are, it is very dangerous to get yourself exposed. In cases like that, you can flash out from behind an obstacle and open your gun sight simultaneously. Upon spotting the enemy, take the target out with a drag shot. This method can greatly reduce the sniper's chances of death. 1x scope is recommended.   


3. Jump and Land Shot✊

What is Jump and Land Shot?

The sniper is required to do a series of actions simultaneously. When jumping out from behind an object, open the gun sight in the air, adjust the cross hair and finally fire after he lands. The trajectory of the bullet will deviate if you fire in the air. So, it is best to fire after landing. It is commonly used by snipers when confronting enemies with machine guns. You can also use Drag Shot and Tracking while landing based on the situation.


4. Jump and Squat Shot✊

Technically, this is the same method as the Jump and Land Shot. The only difference is that when the sniper jumps out, he needs to press and hold the Squat button. (This must be done when opening the sight in the air.) If you jump out with an opened sight, it can be very dangerous. Both techniques support 1x and 2x scopes. 2x scope: Open the 1x sight when jumping out and use it to aim at the target. When you are about to reach the ground, quickly open the 2x sight. After landing, make a Drag Shot. In Global Strike, Drag Shot is more accurate when using a 2x scope. 


5. Blind Snipe✊

Blind snipe is the highest level of sniping. Many snipers have tried many times, but all have failed. Some mark on the screen with tape or a pen; some end up with the wrong trajectory, and some pause abruptly and snipe opponents with the left mouse button when they are in sight. Here, I will show you the right way to snipe blindly.


Blind snipe doesn’t rely on the mark on the screen but your general judgment. Put the front sight to your desired position. Blind snipe requires extreme calmness and the right mindset. Never rush! When you see an enemy, roughly judge the position of the front sight. Then press the left and right mouse buttons at the same time while firing. After that, there will be a sniperscope flashing. If you don’t hit the opponent, you can snipe blindly according to the sniperscope just now. The reason to press the left and right mouse buttons is to increase the accuracy of trajectory and avoid bullets flying around. You can find a wall to practice on.


Have a try, my friend!