December 13th Update12-12

December 13th Big update
Dear Strikers ,
We are holding a maintenance update contest tomorrow at 7 AM UTC ( 20 hour from now )  during that time the servers will be unavailable for 2-3 hour over.
Here is the update content :
1-Updated the Psionic Arsenal

2-Added 3 newbie missions [Sweep Battlefield]. Clear stages to obtain Sweep Cards.

3-PVP: Brand new check-in system

4-Officially unlocked the Ether Workshop.

5-Adventure return benefits

6-Unlocked a new stage: Chapter 3 Mayan Dungeon -- Elite: Mayan Pyramids.

7-Unlocked the restricted zone of chapter 03 -- Titan Lab and added new vehicles: Fearless Tank and Flight Bag.

8-Added the second stage to the Armed Assault: God's Valley.

9-Added new systems to Adventure mode:

- Drone Detection Queue

- Adventure Team

- Added drone detection to the Squad Tech

- Endless Zone Perfect Clearance

- Characters Mercenary Training School ( upgrade characters ) .

- Added difficulty levels to Adventure mode.

10-Unlocked Trial Stage 06 -- Valley of Despair.

11-Fixed the issue about double bag - Added the function that weapons support two bags equipped at the same time.

12- Adventure squad camp update:

-Added Squad Badges;

-Added the Donation Ranking;

-Added Squad Tech;

-Added the Squad Market;

-Added the Squad Stage Ranking;

-Added the Squad Raid Shop;

-Added Rare Character Redemption;

-Added Sheya the Pathfinder Shards.

13-Unlocked the skill reconstruction for the following weapons: AK47 God, Golden Dragon Blade·Ⅰ, Mini Death·Ⅰ, Dire Tiger·Ⅰ, Shadow Axe·Ⅰ and Thorn·Ⅰ.

14-Death Ray Hero Grenade unlocked

15-Lord Scuffle buff special event adjustment :

-HP Enhance: Increase HP by 1,000%.

-Shield Enhance: Increase Shield by 1,000%.

-Movement Enhance: Increase Movement Speed by 15%.

16-Ak47 immortal and mini client event

17-Added the following solo weapons in Adventure Mode: Desert Raider 01 - AK-74U, Desert Raider 03 - M79 Grenade Launcher and Desert Raider 05 - TMP Tactics.

18-Added the following adventure items to the shop: General Character Shard, Super Serum and Modify EXP.

19-New Artifact Factory :

-QBZ-95 Wolf

-AWM Wolf

-XM1014 Wolf

-Beretta92 Wolf



-Burst Raider

-Mini Death

20-Unity 3D ability is available

21-Fixing some bugs

22-Error char will be available

23- New content coming the next Version :

-Lord Scuffle and Lord scuffle rewards

-Arsenals and Hot event

-Main Stage and Elite Stage

-Heroic weapons and shop items

Thanks for your patience and understanding
Happy Shooting ~


NGames Team