Version Update Notice03-20

Dear Strikers ,

We will be holding a version update on March 21 2019 at 7:00 AM UTC+0

Update Content :

1. New System: Armor Core. Armor Cores can provide [Energy Resistance] and [Physical Resistance]. The resistance attribute can reduce the damage received from the corresponding weapon.

Players can “compile” the armor core system to obtain attributes such as [Energy Resistance Penetration], [Physical Resistance Penetration], [Tenacity], and other attributes.

2. New System: Drive Module. This system produces materials to upgrade Armor Cores.

3. New Adventure Character: Lord Guardian (Strike Cop) and Tex (Strike Cop).

4. New Mission System.

5. Unlocked Chapter 04 Desert Raider and the corresponding new stages, missions and achievements.

6. Elite Stage chapter 4 desert

7. New elite stage 5 star char and Cleopattra are available

8. New Trial Stage Valley base is open

9. New closed Area is open

10. Open Moon Bow-I: New Sync Rate.

11. Open Hellish Sickle-I: New Sync Rate.

12. Golden Dragon Blade-I New Sync Rate.

13. Golden Shield New Sync Rate.

14. Lord's Treasury will be available.

15. Adventure Camp and Black market new stuff

16. Added Wind Chaser, Warlord's Shield, Thorn, Lightning-Slaughter and Shards to the Shop.

17. Added Steel Dagger and Tiger Tooth Knife to the Shop. (Price: 100,000 GP/3 Days)

18. New hot events

19. Adding unity for the other Modes and gameplay

20. Fixing some bugs

21. Future update for Arsenals ( elite , golden , heroic )

22. Reset the Funds event

23. New Weapons are available


-Master Mutant

-Steel Dagger

-Tiger Tooth Knife

-M60 Bloodrage

-Wild Butcher


24. The skin System is unlocked

25. Wings of Genesis-II are open

26. Adjust Combat Power of Wings and some weapons.

27. Adding more Reform Skills and Modify weapons

28. The New AWM Legendary gun will be released on April

Happy Shooting~

The Global Strike Team