Easter 2019 Gold bonus04-11

Dear Strikers,

As the Easter celebration, we will be holding a gold rush benefits event for 1 day.


=>Duration (24 hours) : from 18/04/2019 7:00 am UTC+0 until 19/04/2019 7:00 am UTC+0

( from 18/04/2019 12:00 am PDT  until 19/04/2019 12:00 am PDT )


=>During this time the first pack of gold top upped will give you 50% gold more that will be sent by Mail the next day ( the first amount of gold that you have purchase will give you 50% more gold the next day via mail for example if you purchase 10000 gold as first pack the next day you will win 5000 gold for free )


This special event is released as the players request and take consideration for the first gold pack that you purchase only the others will not be counted , Dont forget to Like and share the post publicly .


We wish for all players a Happy Easter Holidays full of success and blessing.


Best Regards ~

NGames Team