August Version Update08-22

Dear Strikers,

We are going to start update version for both servers on August 21st at 23:00 AM PDT. During this time, servers will be closed and you cannot login the game. If maintenance is completed sooner than expected, the game will available to login.

The update content include the following :

-Added the new difficulty mode: Story Mode
-Added the new system: Bounty Hunter
-Added the new RPG event stage: Happy Spree
-Added the new gameplay: Bio-Defense
-Added the new RPG mode: Lost Island
-Unlocked the new system: Top Furnace (Use Enhance Stones to increase weapon attributes and increase combat power.)
-Added the Armed Assault stage --- Lost City.
-Added the new gameplay: [Strike Channel].
-Added the new system: [Warrior's Challenge].
-Added the new channel: [Strike Challenge].
-Added new events
-Added some squad camp update
-Added the new lord treasury
-New client version will be available
-New Unity version will be released
-Updating the Inferno challenge system
-Updating the Dragoon system
-Updating the Armor core
-New Character system will be available
-Removed the Strike Challenge channel and released the Strike Challenge match gameplay. Players will be matched automatically according to their accessory ratings.
-Added the new channel: [Classic Arena].
-Added a new item to Mutation.
-Added the new item for Mutation: Blood Sacrifice. Use to increase mutants' Max HP by 3,000 points.
-Added the new weapon Balrog Havoc in shop and event.
-M1887 Dawn , Axe-Dawn and Deagle-Dawn will be availble in next 50 day check in
-Dawn weapons set will be available ( old issue will be fixed )
-Added the Awoken Wolf in Awakening lab
-The Ruler's Proof Leader's Proof will be released
-Added the new chars William Grant in story mode
-Tesla Coil will be available
-Added the Piggy Hanson
-Added the new M4a1 legendary gun in legendary forge
-Added the new psionic pistol " Duel Time " in psionic arsenal
-Abyss blade will be available in Hot event
-Warrior's Challenge will be unlocked
-New Lord scuffle mode will be available next season
-New Lord rewards and ranking will be added next season
-New Black market will be available
-Added the "Login Rewards for New Players"
-Phantom Blade will be available in next carnival
-Added the Strike HE and Smoke Bomb
-New maps :
Renovated the [Snowfield] scene.
[AG World]: TDM, Recreation, Special Knife, Blades and BH Heroes
[Themed Station]: TDM, Recreation, Special Knife, Blades, BH Heroes, Conquest and other modes
-The following weapon will be unlocked:
Balrog Havoc
M1887 Dawn
Blazing Rake
Plunderer's Revolver
Plunderer's Grenade
Plunderer's Axe
Ruler's Proof
Leader's Proof
Frozen Star
-Fixing bugs
-Ladder match season will be released.
-M3 Fury Evolution and sync will be unlocked
-Strike Scimitar will be added event and shop
-Funds Magnifier event will be available.
-Added new hot events and missions.
-New arsenals weapon will be added
-Lab x will be updated.
-Adding new lobby and new effects.

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Thanks for your patience and understanding.

NGames Team