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NGames Announces Global Strike - A Fully 3D, Download & Plugin-Free Browser Based FPS

New FPS sets sights on bringing instant action with a classic flair to browsers


NGames, a leading online games publisher, is today excited to announce the upcoming launch of brand new free-to-play 3D browser-based FPS game, Global Strike.                                                         


Coming soon to the portal, Global Strike is a plugin-free, fully 3D browser-based shooter inspired by the classic era of FPS gaming. Featuring realistic weaponry, massive environments, multiple frenetic game modes and classic graphics, Global Strike is bringing instant first-person-shooter gameplay to the webpage – no downloads required!

FPS Game, 3D FPS, Global Strike, Dust2


Instant Action


Global Strike is optimized to send gamers straight into action, regardless of location. With just 30 seconds and a modest internet connection, players can instantly login at the official website, share a link with friends and launch one of 3 varied game modes: Fury, Skill Combo, or a Life and Death Duel.

FPS Game, 3D FPS, Global Strike, Dust2


In the frenetic Fury mode,soldiers square off against each other in a battle royale with a twist. When a player kills 3 enemies in a row using the same weapon it activates fury mode, changing the weapon's shape and resettingits ammo, damage, and hit stats. There's only one to stop a solider when they've got fury on their side – take them down!


Skill Combo mode turns players into commanders of the battlefield and challenges them to bark orders at their soldiers. With up to 20 combat orders to select and arrange, these tactical fights are guaranteed to excite when the bullets start flying.

FPS Game, 3D FPS, Global Strike, Dust2

For a shot of solo PVP, players can fire up theLife and Death Duel mode; a tense single-gun, single-bullet game where players have just one shot at victory – take it, or lose.


“Global Strike is our homage to all the classic FPS games we used to loved and play”, says NGames Marketing Manager, Rainier Sales, “And it's awesome! We've taken that classic template and added cool game modes, realistic weapon models, big environments...and it's all playable in a simple browser”


“FPS gamers are going to love Global Strike!”


Global Strike's first beta test is coming soon.


Publisher NGames will be locked and loaded with more information for interested gamers in the coming weeks.