Happy April Patchlist04-09

Update Time: 00:00 – 03:00, April 9, 2015, PST

New Maps:

Mutant Site

Intro: As both factions begin fighting for mutant viruses, a bloody killing field erupts.

Map Mode: Mutation and Death


Storage Center

Intro: In the warehouse and logistics center, explosive chemical materials are stored. It is just a question of time before the Storm Union takes action!

Map Mode: Bomb Defusal, Solo Match and TDM.


New Modes:


Gunmaster mode has more creative gameplay compared with the Deathmatch mode.


1. In a match, all players are enemies in this free for all. You will respawn at a random spot 3 seconds after your death.

2. The match is divided into 8 stages with each stage having its own special weapons. You are able to enter the next stage after killing the target of the current stage.


1) Battle players start from the first stage. The system will not continue for players who quit midway.

2) In this mode, dead players will not drop any weapons. The G button will not abandon weapons.

3) In order to make sure players without certain weapons can play in this mode, the system has prepared a default weapon of each weapon type.

4). A selection interface will pop out when there are 2 or more weapons of the specified type in the bag. Players can choose weapons by themselves.


New Shop Items:

1.New characters: SDU (Strike Cop) and Jason (Storm Union). 7 days/ 30 days/ 90 days/ 180 days

2.Mauser M1932

3.Gatling Gun Silver

4.AUGA3 with a grenade launcher (5 grenades for Mutation Mode, 1 grenade for other modes.)

5.AK47 Rose

6.HE Sweetheart

7.Sweetheart Spray

8.Rename Card (S)


Game Optimization:

1.Fixed the issue occurring when playing the game on Facebook via Google Chrome. Now, players can play the game in Google Chrome on any platform.

2.Adjusted the price for all shop items based on our latest user survey. The existing items in the shop will be on sale. 

3.All permanent guns will be removed from the shop. Players still can receive permanent guns in Arsenals or events.