New Battle in May Update05-05

Update Time: May 6, 00:00 – 03:00 PST

New Maps:


Introduction: In a mountainous forest with fresh air, is a peaceful village. The wood lodges are quiet and peaceful in this village. However, a crazy hunt is happening among the lodges. Only power can prove whether you are a hunter or the hunted.

Mode: TDM


Introduction: The air force base was attacked by mutants. Survivors have run into a Tunnel to prepare for combat. This is the latest map with normal and agravic gameplay after Valley [AG] and Ship [AG].


Mode: Mutation

New Shop Items:

1.    Characters: Donna (Strike Cop) and (Storm Union)  30/90/180 days

2.    M4A4 Laser (with infrared auxiliary sight)

3.    Melee weapon: Military Shovel-Gold

4.    Reset Card

5.    Moon Paint

6.    GP Sniper Rifle: Special LR4

7.    GP Multi-Shot Shotgun: XM1014


New Events:

1.    The Weapon Voucher Sale will be available on the weekends during May. Players will be able to buy their favorite weapon for a low price.

2.    Hot weapon Sale events will be held every week.

3.    Refreshed recommended items in the shop, allowing players to find hot items easier.


Game Optimization:

1.    Updated server 02 – EMEA – Washington, allowing more players to play the game in one server simultaneously.

2.    Expanded capacity for the cross-server channel. AsiaLow Ping, allowing more players to play the game simultaneously.

3.    Preset the Summer Vacation (June) updates for the future game updates.

4.    Upgraded the cheating program detector system, improving the system’s accuracy greatly. The current detection index is 100%.