Summer Carnival Update06-15

Update Time: 22:00 – 24:00 PST, 15th June

New Maps

Lost Town

Introduction: This is a western town which was prosperous before, but now it is desolate. Shop Signs put on the wall and colorful flags hung under eaves remind us of past prosperities.

People have moved out of this town a long time ago because of the evil forces found inside. That’s right, there are numerous subversive forces hiding. A bloody battle seems to be fast approaching.

Map Mode: Bomb Defusal


Training base (TB)

Introduction: Training snipers is an extremely tough process. Sniper training includes over 20 skills such asbasic gear operations, various static/dynamic shot training, tracking, observing, surviving, intelligence gathering and analysis, disguising, route arrangement and bomb defusing. Strike Cops found the Storm Union snipers' secret training base on a secret mission and a conflict instantly broke out! This is a paradise for snipers. Believe in yourself with the weapons in your hands! Enter the Training Base by choosing the Special Fight mode to start a ferocious battle.

Map Mode: Special


New Shop Items

1. The Toy Panda adds 10% EXP bonuses. This pendant has no effects on hit rate and damage.

2. Dual Maul

3. A Melee Weapon: Special Military Shovel

4. RS-10

5. Laser Deagle

6. AN94 Eagle Eye

7. A GP Weapon: Type 56 Rifle


New Event:

1.Added new items to the Golden Arsenal: Crossbow-Gold, Python-Gold, AK47 Rose, AUGA3 and Dual Maul.

2. Added new items to the Silver Arsenal: M4A1 Ice, AK12 and M500.

3. Added a new item to the Super Golden Arsenal: Military Shovel-Gold.



1. Improved the sky mapping quality of all maps.

2. Increased the duration of trumpets and horns in the game lobby.

3. Widened the score panel opened with the tab key in battle.

4. Optimized descriptions and tips about arsenals.

5. Added an energy reserve acquisition tip to the arsenals.

6. Fixed the problem that the ace was not refreshed in time.

7. Added the unlocking function of Deagle-Gold, Weapon Vouchers and female characters. Players can receive this benefit after reaching the required level.

8. Added a new match mode Gunmaster to the Solo League.

9. Added an attack range comparison to the melee weapon attribute comparison.

10. Added new items to the Golden Arsenal: Crossbow-Gold, Python-Gold, AK47 Rose, AUGA3, and Dual Maul.

11. Increased the human hero amount from 3 to 4 in Death Comes mode.

12. Optimized the mail system. Mails with attachments cannot be deleted.

13. Optimized some newbie guide content.

14. Added settings that weapons can be dropped after death in the Survival battle.

15. Added the “Double” function to the battle result. Players can receive double rewards.

16. Raised the Mutants’ HP increase after leveling up from 500/1000/1500/2000/2500 to 1200/1800/2500/3000/3500.

17. When the Solo League TDM ends in a draw, the faction with ACE wins.

18. Optimized all modes for Solo League. Added a waiting time for all modes.

19. Enlarged the match range for Solo League.

20. Added a notice when players do not have the specified weapon while in Special mode.

21. After picking up weapon, characters’ weapon will automatically switch to the new weapon.

22. Optimized the unlock button.

23. Fixed the problem that when a character has multiple throwing weapons, the hand of the character will shake.

24. Characters who are banned to speak cannot use Trumpets or Horns.

25. Fixed the Mutants’ HP display error in Mutation and Death Comes mode.

26. Added a quick start function in the room. All players in the same room can use the quick start function to begin the game. There is a certain period of time for the host to change the room settings.

27. Added extra battle time. When a battle ends, players can still kill enemies with melee weapons, but the kills created during the extra battle time will not be counted.

28. Adjusted the structure of the Tunnel and Armor.

29. Added a random username function when creating new characters.

30. Added a new action. After a headshot, the target will fall down.

31. After a battle ends, important honor achievements will be displayed.

32. Greatly increased the EXP bonus for players playing in a squad. Increased a 10% EXP bonus for each squad member. Up to a 50% EXP bonus can be enjoyed by squad members.