Autumn Season Updates09-23

Time:  September 23, 23:00 – 24:00 PST


New Mode:

Team Deathmatch is a classic mode of FPS. Besides testing personal abilities, it is more about team cooperation. Every member should consider providing helps to other teammates, so does in the Recreation mode to be released with Global Strike’s anniversary version.

About the mode:

Recreational TDM. Added respawn point of the “good weapon”. Players can pick it and use it in battle.

Rules of refreshing good weapons:

1. By faction. Each faction gets refreshed good weapon separately.

2. Participants>=8, each faction refreshes one good weapon. Participants=16, each faction refreshes one good weapon, with one more good weapon refreshed in the scene.

3. When the number of players reach the requirement, good weapon is refreshed immediately.

Rules of victory:

The side that kills required number of enemies or has the higher kill when time’s up will win.

Though Recreation mode is entertaining, it is still a battle that requires good cooperation. The one that gets the new item Good Weapon in Recreation mode will become extremely powerful.


New Shop Items:




4.Laser Sword


1.New in Golden Arsenal: Crossbow-Gold, Python-Gold, AK47 Rose, AUGA3, Dual Maul.

2.New in Silver Arsenal: M4A1 Ice, AK12, M500.

3.New in Super Golden Arsenal: Military Shovel-Gold.