Christmas Season Updates11-27

Update Time: 22:00 – 24:00, November 26, PST


Added a new arena mode: Super Mutant

[Gameplay]: A fierce battle between Super Humans and Mutants on an updated mutant battlefield.

[Victory Requirements]

Humans: Survive or kill all the mutants within a certain time.

Mutants: Mutant players need to infect all human players.

[New Settings]

Super Human: There will be a certain number of Super Humans according to participants.

Ability: Super Humans have random special skills.

Damage Amplify: It lasts for 8 seconds with a 15 second CD. Attack damage is increased by 80%.

Stealth: A Lv.3 Stealth, lasting for 8 seconds with a 15 second CD.

Summon: Summon the target to a range of within 3 meters with a 10 second CD and a 3 second guide. (The caster doesn't move and selects a close release location with the highest priority. Details can be discussed.) Each summoned target adds 1 Energy.

Acceleration: It lasts for 5 seconds with a 30 second CD. Speed is increased by 70%.

Energy Shield: It lasts for 10 seconds with a 30 second CD. An infection can be avoided within a certain time.

Human Leader: A random human hero will become the leader (Special humans with summoning abilities have a higher chance to become a leader).

Leader Ability:

Can withstand the infection for an extra period of time.

Command Aura: Can increase 50% ATK for allies 15 meters around the leader.

Allies can see the leader.

When a leader is infected, his position will be transferred to a live human hero.

Mutant: The mutant does not have a shield.

Transform Back into Human:

Infect a normal human to receive 50% of the Serum. You have to infect 2 humans to get 100% of the Serum. When a mutant dies, the Serum it received will not disappear.

Infect a special human to receive 100% of the Serum. Use it in 10 seconds to transform back into a human. The Serum will disappear in 10 seconds.

When transforming back into a human, there is a 50% chance to become normal or a super human. The player's status will be reset (Guy with full ammo).


Mutant Army: The matrix calls up mutants to its side. Press E to release.


New Maps

1.Brutal Zone (Bomb, Deathmatch and other modes)

2.Dead Area


4.TG Zone


New Shop Items:

1.Tong Yun


3.PP19 Hellhound

4.Laser Sword

5.Dual Poison Fangs

6.I Love GS Spray  (Unlock to receive)