[Why Choose ddwallet?]

[Event Duration]

August 1st- August 30th

[Event Detail]

During this round period, use ddwallets (Play Before You Pay) to pay online and successfully credit to your Global Strike account to receive 25% gold rebate for each order!

Yes! EACH ORDER not just the first order of each type of payment !!

[About the Gold Bonus]

The Gold Bonus will be sent to your game account by mail once your top-up is successful.

In addition to great rebates, you’ll also enjoy a 10% discount if you pay online with ddwallets!

[Download ddwallet]

Scan the code to download ddwallet APP and receive 20 USD prepay amount now!!!

[About ddwallet]

ddwallet is a credit-based purse for consumption and payment. When you pay in the game, you can choose to use 'ddwallet' to finish 'play before pay', ddwallet will pay the amount in advance for you. You only need to repay money through the bank or pay in cash after 15 days. After repayment is completed, users can continue to use credit lines to prepay game bills.

A.Choose ddwallet when you start paying

B.Click“Create an Account”

C.Input the correct information to activate the account and get 5 USD original payment quota

D.Pay with ddwallet

A.Download ddwallet app

B.Open ddwallet APP on the phone and log in with the account you created

C.Activate quota

D. Submit information required


E. 20 USD quota can be received after the reviewing.

Every 15 days, we will generate a consumption bill for you, and then you have 7 days to repay according to the actual cost. Now we support bank transfers and cash payments. Please download ddwallt app to operate according to the prompt.

For more information, please download the ddwallet app by scanning the following QR code