[Event Detail]

During the event period, use ddwallets (Play Before You Pay) to pay online and successfully credit to your Global Strike account to receive 50% gold rebate for each type of payment made for the first time! Moreover, if you top up a total of $20 during the event time with ddwallets, you will get a limited weapon: Metal Storm 3 days!!!

[About the Gold Bonus]

The Gold Bonus will be sent to your game account by mail once your top-up is successful. The weapon reward will be sent within 24 hours after the event.

In addition to great rebates, you’ll also enjoy a 10% discount if you pay online with ddwallets!

[Download ddwallet]

Scan the code to download ddwallet APP and receive 20 USD prepay amount now!!!

[About ddwallet]

ddwallet is a credit-based purse for consumption and payment. When you pay in the game, you can choose to use 'Play first and pay later' , ddwallet will pay the amount in advance for you. You only need to repay money through the bank or pay in cash after 15 days.

After login with your mobile phone number, you can open the ddwallet service by uploading information and verifying face recognition once. You can start it in the process of recharging the game platform, or you can choose to download the ddwallet app and open it by yourself.

On the platform of cooperative games, when you are paying, choose the "Play first, pay later" mode, and choose the account you bind to complete the use of ddwallet.

What ddwallet advocates is a new service mode of "play first pay later". We only charge for the amount you have already consumed in advance. There will be no additional handling fee in the normal repayment period how much you really consume。

Payment password is another way of payment verification besides mobile phone scanning when the game and platform choose "Play first, pay later" payment confirmation. Please take care to keep your payment password properly.

Log in to the ddwallet app and modify it in the payment password modification interface.

[Bill Related]

Play first and pay the user’s bills for 15 days; from the start of your ddwallet service, every 15 days for a settlement cycle.

Payment date for the user’s consumption in the previous billing cycle.

When the bill to be paid shows the amount of the bill, it represents the current arrears.

[Repayment Related]

We have set up different repayment channels according to the currencies of each country. See the repayment instructions for details.

If you forget to repay during the repayment cycle, we will have a customer service personnel to remind you. If you fail to repay within a week, we will say to seal up your relevant game account and freeze your right to use white strips until it is reopened after repayment.

At present, the payment mode of supporting off-line bank transfer will be gradually on-line payment mode of repayment.

You can choose the way of offline payment. The account information is as follows:
Name: XXXX
Card number: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
After the remittance is completed, please upload the corresponding vouchers on the app.

Starting from the day when the bill comes out, the total repayment time is 7 days. We will remind you by app and SMS.

After transfer, upload vouchers, customer service will proceed to the account processing, normal 1-2 hours to complete.

Please contact our customer service staff (Monday to Sunday) by calling: xxxxxxxxx or social software: xxxxxx. Our customer service staff will solve the problem for you at the first time.

[Amount Related]

At present, two user levels have been established, and the corresponding credit lines are as follows:

Level 1 Level 2
5 US Dollar 20 US Dollar

You can login to App to submit information, and the system will improve your credit line according to the information you submit and the use of your account.